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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

At the Westin Perimeter Atlanta North Hotel, the first “green” Bat Mitzvah celebration event was held.

Kim Nicholson provided the decor using materials that were recyclable. She collected items for months to have what she envisioned to use for the “green” theme. The decor was amazing!

Representing the Bat Mitzvah girl’s love of the color green as well as her passionate commitment to living her life in as “green” a manner as possible, her expectations were truly met. In addition to the Bat Mitzvah girl’s joy, her parents had been married at the venue and felt an extra special feeling for celebrating the life event of their daughter’s Bat Mitzvah at the amazingly decorated room at the Westin.

Keeping the environmentally conscious theme, instead of escort cards and wasting paper, Kim designed the board featured below, on a palette created from recycled brown paper bags. The charming display contained a list of who was seated at each table. This very different display was loved by the guests because they were able to see who they would sit with for the party, which was an additional and unexpected benefit.

Even the check box where guests could drop off gifts in a secure way promoted the environmentally conscious theme and was cleverly decorated.

Check out these two displays that were positioned on each side of the door as guests approached the main ballroom! What different recyclable materials can you can pick out?

The kids’ tables had newspapers printed with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s name and 2 liter bottles cut to hold M&Ms in her favorite colors.

Check out the next two photos of the two different adult centerpieces completely made from recyclable materials!

Check out this large display that became the focal point for the front of the room!

Check out the party favors for all of the kids to take when they left. The cans had seeds inside for everyone to plant and continue to make the world green when they got home.

At most celebrations, shoes are scattered everywhere. Featured below is a great place for guests to put their shoes. How practical and creative!

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