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Our Process

The Bluming Difference

We take the time to get to know our clients. This allows us to make recommendations and necessary last minute decisions that match what YOU would do – because we’ve spent the time to understand what’s truly important to you.

Bluming Creativity will always be upfront and truthful with our clients. We’ll help you determine what’s going to be realistic within your budget, and you’ll benefit from our years of experience working with different vendors and venues all over Atlanta. We’ll help you see things from a logistical standpoint because we’re always thinking about how an event is going to work and run the best.

Just a few pieces of information can help us begin planning your perfect event: 

•  The number of people you want to invite. We handle events of all sizes! From large events to intimate gatherings, Bluming Creativity can help.

•  A basic budget. No matter your budget, Bluming Creativity can help make your event a success. A ballpark budget helps us point you towards the very best vendors and venues to make your event a success!

•  Unsure? No problem! We will help you figure it out. 

Bluming Creativity takes your specific details and vision into account and creates a detailed plan that walks you through what needs to be done each month to get the job done. Everything is customized specifically for you – there is no cookie cutter mold.

Want to be completely hands-off? Want to be involved with every detail? No problem! We can do as much or as little of your planning as you want. You decide your involvement level.

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