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Flashback: Flying High with Rachel!

Rachel threw a party that was miles (ok not miles, but at least 15 stories) above the rest! She chose Ventana’s, a venue nestled in the heart of downtown Atlanta, but 15 stories in the air! The view was absolutely INSANE, and when night fell, it became truly magical.

Rachel chose simple, and tasteful décor, with shades of teal and white throughout the space. And these floating orchids were the perfect, classy touch. Thanks to Balloonacy for all of their hard work!

This party went off without a hitch, thanks to the Ventana’s staff, Chuck Robertson Photography and DJ Fever.

Take a look at the pics below.  We hope you enjoy your #flashbackfriday!


Jake & Jared: A Kids Party!

Jake and Jared kicked off the Mitzvah season in true kid fashion; with a Kids Party! Monte Carlo Productions decked out the space with every awesome game under the sun; mini golf, a tricycle track, and even a life-sized Operation game!

The entire floor of The Stave Room was covered in floor to ceiling fun, (not to mention these awesome, personalized balloons by Balloonacy, and the kids (and adults) had a blast.

Kids and adults alike had tons of kid friendly food choices including Willy’s, Blue Moon Pizza, the ever-popular Varsity, and Zest provided a gorgeous cheese, fruit and veggie spread.

For dessert, Jake and Jared’s guests feasted on Waffle House with an array of toppings. At the end of the night, everyone left full, happy, and ready to tackle the first day of school.

A special thank you to all of Jake and Jared’s guests, who helped the boys accomplish a very successful Mitzvah project. The kiddos at CHOA now have more art supplies than they know what to do with!

And another special thank you to our fabulous vendors not mentioned above: Vosamo Photography, Fever, Mark Mandel (caricatures), and Colorstreet Nails.



Cate & Jack: Fire and Ice!

Cate and Jack set Tongue and Groove on FIRE with their fire and ice themed Mitzvah. This party had it all: from sushi on a gorgeous ice display, to a fire dancer!

Balloonacy began by decking out the space with these awesome fire and ice balloons, while Laura with Vosamo took these equally awesome photos of the space. The party began and guests feasted on all sorts of delectable items including sushi, chicken sandwiches, and a beef tenderloin station.

Es Peute brought so much energy to this party! It also didn’t hurt that Tongue and Groove has literally the coolest DJ stage EVER.

Once the party got rolling, Cate and Jack demolished the crowd with a Co2 cannon and two cold spark fountains. Just when we thought they were out of tricks, the two surprised the crowd with Emerald, a fire dancer and silk performer! We may or may not have had as much fun as the guests on this one; so many fabulous things making this a HOT party!

Check out the pics below, and a special thanks goes out to our other fabulous vendors: Hot Toddies Caberet, Zest, and Button it Up.


Throwback! Rayna’s #trendy Mitzvah.

Rayna threw a bright, fun party that was as colorful as her sweet personality!

Let’s Celebrate decked out B’nai Torah with bright colors, pretty flowers, and lots of trendy emoji accents. One of our favorites…the lampshades!

Fever did what Fever does best: makes the party ROCK! Even Rayna’s big brother showed off his moves all night.

Added Touch provided the always delicious food; would you just LOOK at the sushi display? And the doughnuts?!

We had tons of fun at this party, and that was just watching it happen. Rayna’s guests undoubtedly had a blast!

A special thanks to Laura with Vosamo for the fabulous pictures shown below!



Welcome to Camp Cuz!

Nothing says summer like camp! And these cousins clearly love it. Zoe & Jaron chose a camp themed Mitzvah, and it was tons of fun to plan.

It was held at Pontoon Brewing, a spacious, modern venue with tons of cool beers on tap for the adults and of course a kids bar for Zoe, Jaron and all their friends.

Zest plated up lots of southern style foods, as well as this EPIC nacho bar, and many other crowd favorites.

Balloonacy decked out the space in true camp style and SRD Photography captured the whole evening through his lens.

A final shout out to DJ Fever who always keeps the party rockin’ way past these campers’ curfews!


Shayna’s Special Day: A Quick Interview

Happy Friday Friends!

If you regularly follow the blog here at BC, you’ll remember that we recently interviewed our Mitzvah client turned BC employee, Sam.

We decided to ask another former client about her Bat Mitzvah experience as well. Shayna Edelman sat down with us for a quick chat about her unforgettable night earlier this year.

Q: When was your Bat Mitzvah?

A: January 25th, 2019.

Q: Where did you have it?

A: The Stave Room. They set it up amazingly and included everything I wanted!

Q: Did you have a theme?

A: Not really. I just had a pretty color scheme of blue and pink.

Q: What was your favorite food of the night? Did you have a signature drink?

A: I had chicken and waffles, which I LOOOOOOOVED, and I ate from the pasta bar. My signature drink was sprite with cotton candy.

Q: Best moment of the night?

A: Dancing with all of my friends and family and seeing my beautiful venue. We also had this bubble wrap on the dance floor that we all got to dance on and it was all so incredible!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: All of my centerpieces were amazing too! I just loved everything!




Zoe’s BURST of Color!

Zoe threw a cool and colorful Mitzvah celebration for all of her favorite peeps at Sherwood Event Hall in Roswell.

The Burstiners and BC go waaaaaaay back, and Zoe’s was the last, so we were super excited to see this family through their Mitzvah journey.

Zoe decided on a cool, street theme, and Let’s Celebrate brought it all together beautifully.

The party went off without a hitch and everyone had a fabulous time celebrating Zoe.

One of the most notable event of the evening? Seeing Airbrush artist Draper freehand Zoe’s logo onto this hoodie for her. I mean….talk about talent!

A special thanks to all of our other vendors; Zest Atlanta Catering, Es Peute ProductionsMidtown Photo Booth and Vosamo Photography for, as always, making the night unforgettable.


Camp Chloe.

Chloe loves summer camp. So what better way to celebrate her Mitzvah than re-creating what she loves most?! She chose a cool little space in historic Marietta square called the Brickyard, and Balloonacy decked it out with awesome campy touches. Our favorite? OBVIOUSLY the fire pit below made of balloons.

We got creative and chose a mailbox entitled “Camp Mail”, where her friends left her notes and well wishes.

Her dessert table was colorful and beautiful and her favor was a chevron patterned towel. So adorable!

All in all, this party had tons of special touches and was so fun to be a part of!

As always, a special thanks to our fabulous vendors: Caterer Zest, SRD Photography, and Atlanta Fever Entertainment.


Shayna’s Special Day!

Shayna hosted a fun, festive Mitzvah celebration for all of her family and friends! Here’s how it all went down:

Q: Where was it?

A: The Stave Room at American Spirit Works, also known as ASW.

Q: Look at that fabulous food! Who catered it?

A: Zest Atlanta. Definitely a fan favorite!

Q: These pictures are amazing, who was the photographer?

A: Patti with Scensations.  She’samazing!

Q: The decor is so tasteful and fun. Who did it? And HOW did they get those balloon arches over the dance floor?

A: Let’s Celebrate was responsible for it all. Amy even learned how to operate a cherry picker type apparatus and hung those balloons from the rafters herself!

Q: Speaking of the dance floor, it looks packed! Who was the DJ?

A: None other than Daniel with Es Peute Productions. Daniel is SO passionate about his work. He gets the crowd going no matter what!

Q: How do I make MY party as awesome as this one?

A: Leave it to BC! With us by your side, all you have to do is sit back, relax and let us do what we do best!




Flashback: Emily’s Confetti Celebration!

Emily’s Mitzvah was gorgeous, sweet, and super fun.

Some of the highlights included delicious food from Added Touch, (I mean…did you SEE those latkes?!) and the striking décor by Let’s Celebrate.

Probably the most notable moment of the evening was the Hora, where Emily was blasted with a confetti cannon! The fabulous photographer caught this PRICELESS shot, and it is just too perfect for words.

A HUGE thank you to all of our other vendors: Congregation B’Nai Torah and Fever Atlanta Entertainment. A great time was had by all!

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