Needed a Passover themed centerpiece. I was trying to come up with something that included Matzah, that was creative with the plagues and so on… 10 plagues, one for each table worked perfectly….and gave something to the kids to play with. We had the preschoolers do Matzah rubbings and put them on the tables as well.

Table ideas:

Blood – red cloth with band aids

Frogs – green cloth with jumping frogs

Lice – small black little pieces

Boils – red pom poms scattered on the table

Hail – dark blue cloth with cotton balls spread out

Locusts – large bugs

Cattle Disease – cows, pigs, and horses laying on the tables

Wild Beasts – lions, rhinos, giraffes and more…

Darkness – black cloth with black masks

Slaying of the first born – Baby rattles on the table