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Lights, Camera, Aiden!

All the world was a stage at Aiden’s Bat Mitzvah celebration, held at the trendy Three Sheets in Sandy Springs.

The space was decked out with bold colors of red and black, with roses in vases and playbills on the bar, and, when the time came, Aiden made her entrance in true celebrity style; with a red carpet!








Aiden wanted her party to be all about her friends, so she opted for a fun kids party! No adults allowed! Just kidding. The adults got to join the fun for dessert and cocktails later in the evening.

The celebration kicked off with music by Mello with Atlanta Fever and passed appetizers of mozzarella sticks and spring rolls. And while the kids got their groove on, Steven with SRD Photography made his way around the room capturing memories galore.

Aiden’s friends then feasted on a dinner buffet boasting Caesar salad, pizza, mac & cheese and fries, stopping only to pose for a fun photo, courtesy of Memory Maker.

Once the kids had partied hard, they decided to invite the adults in on the fun. Everyone enjoyed mouth watering dessert options of cookies and milk, Oreo cheesecake bites, this gorgeous fruit display, and of course, cocktails for the adults.







The evening ended with full tummies, a comfy sweatshirt favor and fabulous memories!


‘Jake’ of All Trades.

Jake threw a sleek and sporty Mitzvah celebration at Temple Emanu El.

Your Event Solutions (YES) did an INCREDIBLE job on the décor. They took Jake’s simple, sleek, sporty vision and created an absolute masterpiece. We especially love the giant black and white photos on the wall, and this string light/shoe contraption. Genius.









When Jake’s guests entered the party, they were immediately greeted by cocktails and mouth-watering appetizers, courtesy of Endive. These ahi tuna bites and all beef sliders were only two of many.







While the adults enjoyed mingling in cocktail hour, DJ Atlanta Fever got the party started with the kids in the main event space. By the time, the adults made their way in, the kids were in full party mode!

Laura with Vosamo didn’t miss a photo opp as she made her way around the room, and guests didn’t miss a chance to check out Memories in a Moment, for their fun green screen pics as well.







As the night raged on, Jake’s family and friends danced the night away, and capped off their evening with a variety of desserts including this AH-MAZING ice cream sandwich, and a long sleeved shirt to commemorate the evening. 


Gooooooooo DAWGS!!

Jordan brought his love of Georgia Bulldogs football to life at his UGA themed Mitzvah at Temple Emanu El.

Let’s Celebrate did an amazing job decking out the space in colors of red and black (of course), and gave it the cool, industrial feel Jordan was looking for.







As Jordan’s guests arrived, they were greeted with cocktails and appetizers, provided by Zest. The adults noshed on caprese skewers and jalapeño corn cakes, among many others, while the kids headed in to hang with DJ Mello with Atlanta Fever.

At the end of cocktail hour, the adults joined the party! Jordan was introduced into the party through a haze of (awesome) nitrous gas, and it provided for a great entrance!

Guests danced and celebrated, then settled down shortly after to a dinner of a mixed green salad, and a blackened salmon entrée.







When the party resumed, Jordan was taken by COMPLETE surprise when the UGA Mascot arrived to celebrate with him and his guests! We especially love this photo (taken by Photographer Chuck Robertson) of Jordan and Hairy.

Soon after the HAIRY excitement died down, guests settled down to watch the amazing photo montage that only Blue Orchid can provide.

The rest of the evening was spent…well….partying! Guests stopped only to take fun photos with Memories in a Moment, and to eat from the dessert station, which boasted cotton candy trees, cream cheese brownies, and a variety of crepes.









Guests rounded out their evening with this cool towel and doughnut holes for their ride home.




“Z” Best Night Ever.

Zoe filled Mason Fine Art with her bright, garden themed vision for her Bat Mitzvah celebration.







She filled the space with bright colors, paper flowers and lanterns, and tons of girly, garden-y (yes, we just made that a word) touches. Let’s Celebrate helped her create this gorgeous vision.

As her guests made their way in, they were greeted with custom cocktails and lots of delicious appetizers, some of which included tiny chicken tacos, mac ‘n cheese cupcakes and these mouth watering corned beef rolls, all provided by Added Touch.







When cocktail hour came to a close, guests made their way into the party where Krazy Boyz Entertainment got the party started right away. Just look at Zoe’s face; I think it’s safe to say she’s having the time of her life!

After a few upbeat dance songs, guests settled down to dinner. There were so many delicious food stations to choose from. Fried chicken tenders, beef brisket sliders, an assortment of flatbreads, and finally the “Garden of Zoe”; an interactive salad station that provided 3 fresh and fabulous salad choices.







After dinner, guests headed back to the dance floor! James Futch worked the room and captured great, candid moments, while Tara Nixon snapped photos. We especially LOVE this one of the beautiful decor. Just look at all those colors!

As the party raged on, Zoe and her guests enjoyed late night passed snacks of tiny pancakes, and chowed down on dessert of Belgian waffles on a stick, homemade éclairs and so much more.

When it was time for folks to make their (reluctant) exit, they were sent on their way with a to-go treat of grilled cheese, a mini bottle of coke and a custom t-shirt. They also wrote “the best thing about Zoe” on a giant keepsake chalkboard for Zoe to cherish in the years to come.


Camille’s “C”elebration!

Camille threw a beautiful and colorful Bat Mitzvah celebration at the Hyatt Villa Christina in Sandy Springs.

She and her mom put in COUNTLESS hours designing this “C” themed party, and we think it turned out wonderfully!

While Camille’s guests made their way into the party, the adults enjoyed cocktails and appetizers of  baked brie with raspberry, spring rolls, and a gorgeous cheese display.

Camille and her friends wasted no time getting the party started; Es Peute made sure to entertain the younger guests during adult cocktail hour with dancing and games galore!


Once the adults moved in for dinner, they were greeted with various mouth watering food stations. Guests enjoyed a salad station, an Asian station, and a pasta and salmon station. Needless to say, nobody went hungry!

The rest of the evening was spent dancing the night away and celebrating Camille and her accomplishments. Jon Marks Photography captured all of the memorable moments throughout the evening, and Button it Up provided a green screen for guests to enjoy as well.

The night was capped off with a dessert of mini cupcakes, cheesecake on a stick (WHATTT?!?), and many others.

Camille’s guests left with an ADORABLE tye-dye shirt and tons of great memories.








Welcome Aboard The Boat-Sea!!

All Aboard! Bootsie and her guests set sail during her cool cruise themed Bat Mitzvah at B’nai Torah.









There were so many creative touches to this party! The space was adorned with cruise ship touches galore. Atlanta Event Décor provided great up lighting of blue and turquoise around the room, while Monte Carlo Productions provided cruise ship floor décor, shuffleboard, putt-putt holes, and a number of casino tables.











Ice Sculptures Unlimited provided a fabulous ship anchor sculpture, and there was even a massage chair, for the ultimate in guest relaxation! Finally, the awesome signs and logos were all provided by RSVP.











Once the guests made their way in and were wowed by the décor, they were greeted with the musical stylings of Sam Owens on the steel drum.

They also noshed on fabulous appetizers and cocktails, by Kosher Touch. Some favorites included baked spring rolls, seared tuna slices and mac n cheese with a tomato soup shooter.








The signature cocktails were both adorable and delicious. The Bootsie Colada” and the Bootsito” were a huge hit. There was even a kid friendly “mocktail” called “Bootsie at Temple”. So cute!


Before Bootsie’s guests were invited into the party, a Muster Drill horn blared! The guests were delighted to hear the following:

Attention All Cruisers:  Welcome Aboard the BoatSea!
For those of you who have cruised before, you know that the International Maritime Organization forbids embarkation until we have conducted a safety drill.  Although the event of an on-board emergency is unlikely, we must remind all passengers of a few safety precautions.
PLEASE  look around the ship for the nearest exit.  They may be behind you.
Do NOT waste valuable time looking for lifeboats, there aren’t any.  We had to cut the budget somewhere on this cruise!!  Also, we are at capacity and we only have enough life vests for half of you!
So, it’s every man, woman, child and Siegel for his or herself.
For those sitting at the Titanic, dress warmly and don’t throw any uninsured jewelry into the ocean.
If you are on the Concordia, those of you sitting on the left side – will be just fine.
SS Minnow passengers, it’s only a 3 hour tour!
Trump Princess passengers, we will tweet you your instructions.
Thank you for your attention and we know you will have a delicious adventure.

Once the adults were dismissed from the mandatory muster drill, they made their wayinto the main party space, and were greeted with jams from Barry Levenstein with Party People.


They were also greeted with more food! There was a gorgeous signature salad called “Adele’s Titanic”, which consisted of fresh, crispy iceberg lettuce, fresh veggies and was topped with a cracker with a printed image of the sinking Titanic. It. Was. Amazing.
Other food faves included beautiful maple glazed salmon and an Italian station boasting tons of veggies.










Once folks had had their fill, they enjoyed tons of dancing and activities. The kids played musical chairs, had a scavenger hunt, and took fun pics in front of the green screen provided by Button it Up.

There was even a Live Party Canvas Painter, Maggie Smith, who painted the party’s activities as they happened!








Bootsie’s guests danced the night away, and rounded out the evening with a to-die-for dessert station! The most notable? How about FLAMING KRISPY KREME DONUT HOLES?!?! Yes. Yes, you read that right. There were filled with the guest’s choice of Banana’s Foster with Run or Kahlua Milk Chocolate.











*mic drop*

We’re just gonna end it on that note!


Totally Tyler

Tyler threw a fabulous party at Three Sheets, a cool cocktail bar in Sandy Springs.

Kim Quinn Designs adorned the space in rich reds, black and silver, for a simple, yet elegant vibe. The photo cubes with Tyler’s baby photos added a cute touch too.







As guests made their way into the space, they were greeted with cocktails and appetizers of tuna wontons, grilled cheese sandwiches and a beautiful hummus display.







Once the adults were invited in to join the kids, everyone enjoyed dinner; Indian spiced grilled chicken skewers, pan seared salmon, and a filet mignon carving station.

Once everyone was full and ready to dance, Omar with Fever cranked up the party! Guests danced and had an awesome time, stopping only to pose for photos taken by SRD Photography, and to visit the ever popular photo booth, provided by Midtown Photo Booth.







In the blink of an eye, it was time for dessert. Tyler’s guests enjoyed a fabulous ice cream bar and passed snacks of chocolate chip cookies and milk shots (kids) and cookies with White Russian shots (adults).







Everyone left with Krispy Kreme donuts, cool airbrushed t-shirts and tons of great memories!


Reese’s Sweet-As-Pie Mitzvah

Reese threw a “sweet” Bat Mitzvah celebration for her loved ones at the Metropolitan Club in Atlanta.

As a lover of cooking and baking, Reese wanted her party to reflect her own personal style, and Kim Quinn Designs,
along with Atlanta Event Decor did a wonderful job of bringing that vision to life.







The space was kept simple, with shimmering silver accents, and adorned with fun cooking accessories, like custom recipe cards, hanging restaurant signs and cute kitchen utensils.







Once the party was underway, the guests enjoyed cocktail hour and noshed on tuna tacos, rice paper rolls, and other delicious selections.

After the adults were invited into the main party space, Reese surprised everyone with a very different and creative entrance. She played a video of herself in the kitchen, panicking over not having food for her party….so she decides to start cooking and save the day! At this point, she and her family run in for their grand entrance. It was so creative and all of her guests loved it!

Shortly after, dinner was served. Guests enjoyed stations including tenderloin with mashed yucca, risotto, and lemon sole.

Once guests had their fill, DJ Krazy Boyz got everyone out on the dance floor to dance the night away! MC Jason even let Reese have a go at the CO2 gun, and we love this photo, taken by Steven Dewberry, of her blasting smoke at the crowd.

Videographer James Futch also captured this (and many other) moments throughout the evening, while Memories in a Moment provided a green screen for fun, not-so-formal photos for Reese’s guests.







As the evening’s festivities continued, dessert was served and guests enjoyed tons of mouth watering treats, but the sweetest treat was a SURPRISE happy birthday and cupcake for Reese’s big sister, Zoe.

At the end of the night, guests left with airbrushed shirts, “Reese’s” peanut butter cups, and these (hilarious) brownies.


Happily Ever Alexa!

Alexa threw a whimsical, book themed Bat Mitzvah celebration for all of her friends and family at the Westin Atlanta Perimeter North.







Kim Quinn Designs had so much fun with this creative book theme; and did an incredible job of bringing Alexa’s love of books to life! We love all of the cool, storybook touches and the gorgeous colors of purple, pink and silver.







As Alexa’s guests made their way into the party, they were greeted with delicious passed appetizers during cocktail hour, including tuna on wontons, watermelon goat cheese skewers, and many others.









While the adults socialized, the kids got straight to partying inside the reception space. DJ Fever got the party started and kept the energy high throughout the evening.







As the adults made their way into the party, they were greeted with a short dance set, followed by dinner. A steak, chicken and salmon entrée greeted them along with a mouth watering pasta station.

Following dinner, Alexa’s guests enjoyed dancing, taking photos in front of the green screen by Memories in a Moment, and celebrating Alexa during the Hora. Our favorite photo (taken by photographer Chuck Robertson) is this one. The look of pure happiness on Alexa’s face is just priceless!

As the story (party) came to a close, everyone enjoyed a delicious dessert station boasting brownies, mini cupcakes, cookies, and tons of candy, and left with a cool, custom airbrushed backpack courtesy of Draper.






And they all lived happily ever after!


“So Stevee”

Stevee threw a glittery, gorgeous Bat Mitzvah celebration at ASW.

YES did an AMAZING job on the décor, and literally every extra touch was perfect. We especially love this “So Stevee”
dance floor decal!







Caterer Zest provided amazing cocktails and appetizers as Stevee’s guests entered cocktail hour. They noshed on Spanakopita, chicken and waffle skewers, chilled ceviche and mini reubens. Guests also enjoyed traditional cocktails, as well as a fabulous vodka concoction from the “S” shaped ice luge, by Ice Sculptures Unlimited.









As the adults enjoyed cocktail hour, the kids headed straight into the party space, where they enjoyed appetizers and kid cocktails of their own; they even had grilled cheese triangles on PINK bread!

As soon as DJ Mello and his crew with Fever moved all of the adults into the main party space, they kicked off the party! Stevee and her friends rocked out, and Photographer Chuck Robertson captured this great photo of all the kids on the dance floor.

Shortly after a few songs, dinner was served. Guests feasted on a Slider Bar, boasting both beef and chicken sliders, a MAC & CHEESE BAR (whattttt?!?!), and a variety of small plates including beef tenderloin and fresh salmon.

After dinner, the party raged on, and with the help of Memories in a Moment, guests took tons of fun photos to lock in those memories for a lifetime.

Should we talk about food more?? We have to mention the decadent dessert display, aptly named “Sugar Shock”. It featured an array of cake pops, Rice Krispy pops, S’mores, chocolate dipped Oreos and SO. MUCH. MORE. We’ll stop there though so you don’t attempt to eat your computer screen.







The party came to a close with a to-go snack by Slushie Spot, custom sweatpants favors by Draper….and what party isn’t complete without a final song/tribute circle to “How Far I’ll Go” by Moana?!

We think it’s safe to say that an amazing time was had by all.