As an event and life-celebration party planner, I get to see and taste some pretty creatively presented and delicious food. Even with my vast culinary experiences, I am not normally much of a foodie, but I LOVED the taste and the presentation of food in Vegas. The plating and decor made me want to eat everything.

Check out the next two photos of dishes offered at FIX in the Bellagio!

The first photo shows a deconstructed Caesar salad -YUM!

These banana filled donuts with dipping sauces have no calories. If one keeps murmuring “mmmm” for the delicious flavor, the calories disappear!

How cute are these mini burger appetizers at Serendipity?

Cute also equals few calories, or so I like to tell myself!

What a great presentation of ribs, cole-slaw, and fries!

I will use this idea at a Western-themed event because the plating is so inviting.

Pannini lovers, check out this idea! Take grilled white meat chicken with Monterey jack cheese, arugula, grilled red onion and bbq sauce on ciabatta bread. Open wide and enjoy!

Besides enjoying the beauty of the food, flowers were plentiful and the word AMAZING does not do them justice. Every hotel lobby presented daily changing flower arrangements that were exquisite. I can’t imagine the time involved.

Evidently there is an abundance of flower arranging artistic talent in Vegas!

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” No! I am inspired and filled with new ideas that I bring to Atlanta and surrounding areas. What happened in Vegas, is good for Atlanta!