At the Tongue and Groove venue, a wiz at Rubik’s Cube celebrated his Bar Mitzvah with his family and friends. Let’s Celebrate provided all the creative decorations. The delicious and appetizing food was catered by Zest Atlanta. A big thank you to Scenesations’ Patti Colvert who photographed the festivities and permitted Bluming Creativity to post the following photos!

The festivities began with an entrance on “The Red Carpet.”

The large bar in the middle of the room featured a Rubiks cube, representing the Bar Mitzvah boy’s expertise at “doing” the “cube” like a pro!

In a different area of the club, check out the large white lights on the top right is the DJ booth!

Zest Atlanta catered a menu of fun food.

BBQ sliders, Beef Hot Dogs, Thai Noodles in Chinese Food Containers, Fried Chicken Tenders, a Mac and Cheese Bar with Multiple Toppings, and a Selection of Fresh Fruit enticed the Bar Mitzvah boy, his family and guests!

A Rubik’s Cube was offered as a favor to all the guests at the end of the celebration!