At the Grove Isle Hotel and Spa in Coconut Grove

My mom and dad attended an amazing wedding in Miami, Florida. Although I did not plan or have anything to do with this event, I offer some highlights as inspiration to my blog followers and potential clients. We all learn from each other with shared ideas.

Check out the photo of the signs that the ring bearers carried as they walked down the aisle preceding the bride. The bride’s Korean background encouraged me to check out Korean wedding customs because I thought that perhaps the ring bearer signs are traditional in Korean weddings. Although not a Korean wedding ritual, what a cute added touch to the bride’s traditional entrance!

Featured in the photo found below is a mirror more than 4 feet tall. The guests and family names and reserved table numbers were written in pen for a seating chart on the mirror. Lanterns placed on the table illuminated the area.

With only railing and dividers separating wedding family and guests from the water, warm breezes brought the fragrance of the ocean that permeated the area where the reception was held. Check out the flower arrangements and elegant table settings that enhanced the sea-side decorated ambiance!

Multiple exotic flowers and plants grouped together make up the table centerpieces!

Twinkling candles, raffia chargers, rectangular and round tables beckoned the wedding guests and family to the reception celebrating the marriage of loved ones!

An exquisite, yet simple addition of flowing fabric added to the magical, sea-side ambiance in the wedding reception area!

With a view of a sailboat, the ocean waves gently flowing and the colors of sunset, the wedding cake display table is perfectly positioned. The wedding cake with green leaf garnish and the bride’s orchid bouquet in front is further proof of attention to every detail that the Grove Isle Hotel and Spa provided for this wedding celebration.