A Bat Mitzvah was celebrated with a color theme inspired by and borrowed from Anthropologie. Mom, a creative “repurposer” and “recycler” even planned “girl parties” the year preceding the event where some of the decorations for the Bat Mitzvah celebration were made. Trees that were cut down in the neighborhood, as well as poster boards, and painted plastic water bottles were given a new purpose as centerpieces and flowers. A vibrant color theme with an earthy, rustic style delighted the Bat Mitzvah girl, her family and guests. Mom worked closely with us on all the details!

From the colorful cutlery, to the kippot, to the tablecloths – everything  matched.

Artfully arranged, colorful kippot await the guests!

For the Shabbat dinner decor, check out how the Bat Mitzvah girl and her mom’s involvement showcased their creative talents with the white painted stems from cut-down trees and delicate flowers made from recycled plastic bottles! The Bat Mitzvah decor featured a great way to reuse things.

Check out the picture below to see the water bottle flower centerpieces up close.

A very good friend of the family catered delicious food  for the celebration events held at CBT throughout the Bat Mitzvah weekend! 

Check out the flowers that flanked both sides of the bimah! Made out of ripped poster board, the flowers gave the room a festive feeling and popped with color!

Check out the close up photo of the flowers! It is amazing what a little imagination can create!

Check out the green flowers found in the photos below! They circled the shulchan table in the middle of the sanctuary giving the planters a decorative touch!