At the Embassy Suites Hotel – Perimeter of Atlanta, a most inviting and spectacular hospitality suite for “Grow with Zo” was decorated by a group of the Bat Mitzvah girl’s mom’s friends! Everyone needs friends like these! The suite decor included everything the mom and Bat Mitzvah girl would have provided if they themselves had created the decor and amenities!

Check out the rustic modern ambiance that was the decor theme of the weekend of celebrations!

See the cute pictures of Zoe growing up hanging on the tree!

An amazing artist, Kim Nicholson, created a banner that fit the room perfectly.

The room’s candy bar featured candy representing the perfect color palette selected for the weekend’s events!

Check out a close-up photo of the candy bar!

A fresh fruit snack was provided! Check out all of the perfect touches on each crate!

An additional personalized detail was that every one who came to the hospitality suite had an opportunity to take photos of the weekend so that

memories could be enjoyed after the celebrations were over.

This family is lucky to have such amazing friends!