Two friends shared an amazing and fun filled night at Andretti’s with family and friends.


To start out the evening, all of the guests got to head out to the racecars for some friendly competition, then returned inside to continue the festivities.


Let’s Celebrate did an amazing job creating a fun, festive and colorful atmosphere; perfect for kids and adults alike.


Dear Green Designs, Ink provided unique place cards that looked like vintage baseball cards, with the kids pictures on them.


Chuck Robertson worked the room and captured photos throughout this fun and energetic crowd, while DJ Rhythm kept the tunes rockin’ for all.


This event was filled with fun favors for both the kids and adults! The kids got to fill a large cup from the “concession stand” just as they would at a real ballpark, and the adults got a care package to go; a chocolate chip cookie, bottle of water and Advil.


All of the guests got to enjoy their own personalized magnets, courtesy of Mag-nificent.


This was such a fun event to plan and a great time was had by all!