Mitchell’s colorful and creative Bar Mitzvah took place – or should we say took OVER – the beautiful Dunwoody Retreat.


Obviously a huge fan of the ever popular Hunger Games movies, Mitchell’s imagination ran wild featuring games and props from the movies, “Tracker Jacker” Medicine cleverly disguised as hand sanitizer, and even a  Hunger Games Effie performer!











Let’s Celebrate (as always) did a fabulous job bringing Mitchell’s vision to life. The attention to detail was meticulous; they built many of the props from the ground up, and truly transformed the space to make the guests feel like they really were IN the arena! The placecards were awesomely displayed as arrows on a huge target, and we specifically love the gorgeously gargantuan VIP (oh yes, we went there) centerpiece! Needless to say, we, and all of Mitchell’s guests, were dazzled by the unique and out-of-the-box décor. Our hats go off to Mitchell and Let’s Celebrate for their creative collaboration!


Jodi with Memories in a Moment even provided customized Hunger Games props for the guests to take photos with in front of her green screen – always a huge hit!

mlp-4104Throughout the evening the guests noshed on delicious ice cream creations courtesy of  Premium Distributors Inc., and were completely entertained as DJ Atlanta Fever rocked the “Capitol”. If the kids wanted to take a little break from shakin’ it, Mark Mandel with BIGHead Cartoons was standing by to create fun caricatures.

mlp-4008 - Copymlp-4160







As the games raged on, Catherine with My Life Photography snapped shots of all of the action. Our favorite? Effie Trinket herself.








Effie was such an awesome addition to the party. She did a fabulous job playing her part, interacted with all of the kids throughout the evening, and Mitchell’s face was utterly priceless when she entered the party to surprise him. So. Much. Fun.


As the evening came to a close, no one had to fight to the death, and a good time was had by all!