It’s no news flash that every girl looks forward to their fairy tale wedding and relishes in telling the story of “how he did it” when it comes to the proposal. We’ve all seen proposals at sporting events, fancy dinner venues, and the like, but we thought it would be fun to round up a few creative ideas that maybe you hadn’t thought of.

  1. Ski Lift Proposal: Yes, we know, it’s not snowing (yet) here in Georgia but what a great winter proposal idea. Spell out “will you marry me?” in the snow below the lift and show it to her from above! If you’re really feeling ambitious, you could write little love notes in the snow on the ride up and save the “big question” for the top.
  2. Scavenger Hunt Proposal: Think of a few meaningful places to you and your girlfriend as a couple; maybe throw in a stop at a nail and hair salon so that she can get all dolled up. You may even choose to go the extra mile and hire a professional photographer to capture the big moment once she finds you at the end of the hunt. Then all you’ll have to do is pop the question in a beautiful, romantic spot she will most certainly never forget!
  3. Create A Personalized Movie: With so much technology at our fingertips, its simple to make a homemade movie for the one you love. You can compile your favorite pictures together and set your slide show to “your” song, or even videotape yourself in all of the memorable places you’ve been together. You may even choose to include her family in this one; have her watch the movie, then have family and friends on site to help you both celebrate, and of course to watch your movie masterpiece themselves.
  4. Game Night Proposal: Plan a game night for just the two of your or with friends. When it’s your girlfriend’s turn to answer a question, say: “Your question is: Will You Marry Me?” Make sure to make an actual trivia card so that she can treasure this moment for years to come.
  5. Photo Book or Scrapbook Proposal: This one is our favorite. Make a scrapbook of all of your memories together; from the places you’ve been (vacations, sporting events, etc.), to all of the things that are unique and special to you as a couple. Present her with the book and when she gets to the end, drop down on one knee and pop the big question.

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you is a big deal and should be tailored to your personal style and preference. It has to fit YOU! We hope that these ideas have inspired you to get a little creative! If you have a great proposal idea you’d like to share, please post it in the comments below!