All Aboard! Bootsie and her guests set sail during her cool cruise themed Bat Mitzvah at B’nai Torah.


There were so many creative touches to this party! The space was adorned with cruise ship touches galore. Atlanta Event Décor provided great up lighting of blue and turquoise around the room, while Monte Carlo Productions provided cruise ship floor décor, shuffleboard, putt-putt holes, and a number of casino tables.



Ice Sculptures Unlimited provided a fabulous ship anchor sculpture, and there was even a massage chair, for the ultimate in guest relaxation! Finally, the awesome signs and logos were all provided by RSVP.



Once the guests made their way in and were wowed by the décor, they were greeted with the musical stylings of Sam Owens on the steel drum.


They also noshed on fabulous appetizers and cocktails, by Kosher Touch. Some favorites included baked spring rolls, seared tuna slices and mac n cheese with a tomato soup shooter.



The signature cocktails were both adorable and delicious. The Bootsie Colada” and the Bootsito” were a huge hit. There was even a kid friendly “mocktail” called “Bootsie at Temple”. So cute!


Before Bootsie’s guests were invited into the party, a Muster Drill horn blared! The guests were delighted to hear the following:

Attention All Cruisers:  Welcome Aboard the BoatSea!
For those of you who have cruised before, you know that the International Maritime Organization forbids embarkation until we have conducted a safety drill.  Although the event of an on-board emergency is unlikely, we must remind all passengers of a few safety precautions.
PLEASE  look around the ship for the nearest exit.  They may be behind you.
Do NOT waste valuable time looking for lifeboats, there aren’t any.  We had to cut the budget somewhere on this cruise!!  Also, we are at capacity and we only have enough life vests for half of you!
So, it’s every man, woman, child and Siegel for his or herself.
For those sitting at the Titanic, dress warmly and don’t throw any uninsured jewelry into the ocean.
If you are on the Concordia, those of you sitting on the left side – will be just fine.
SS Minnow passengers, it’s only a 3 hour tour!
Trump Princess passengers, we will tweet you your instructions.
Thank you for your attention and we know you will have a delicious adventure.

Once the adults were dismissed from the mandatory muster drill, they made their wayinto the main party space, and were greeted with jams from Barry Levenstein with Party People.


They were also greeted with more food! There was a gorgeous signature salad called “Adele’s Titanic”, which consisted of fresh, crispy iceberg lettuce, fresh veggies and was topped with a cracker with a printed image of the sinking Titanic. It. Was. Amazing.
Other food faves included beautiful maple glazed salmon and an Italian station boasting tons of veggies.



Once folks had had their fill, they enjoyed tons of dancing and activities. The kids played musical chairs, had a scavenger hunt, and took fun pics in front of the green screen provided by Button it Up.

There was even a Live Party Canvas Painter, Maggie Smith, who painted the party’s activities as they happened!

Bootsie’s guests danced the night away, and rounded out the evening with a to-die-for dessert station! The most notable? How about FLAMING KRISPY KREME DONUT HOLES?!?! Yes. Yes, you read that right. There were filled with the guest’s choice of Banana’s Foster with Run or Kahlua Milk Chocolate.



*mic drop*

We’re just gonna end it on that note!