Kelsey and David said “I Do” on a rainy, fall (hey, it’s good luck, right?) evening at Rocky’s Lake Estate.fa137c52-ff5d-42ed-832b-9ab995778a7f

7e132cb4-15be-442d-8207-f87673639afeThe décor inside the venue did not disappoint. Adorned with country chic, glittery accents, provided by Kim Quinn Designs and succulents and gorgeous flowers, provided by Flowers Atlanta, it was picture perfect.


Once all of the couple’s guests entered the space, Kelsey made her entrance to her eagerly awaiting groom. She was so different from most brides, and requested a shot of Patron be brought to her right before she headed down the aisle; our kind of girl!

Once they made it official, guests entered cocktail hour and enjoyed appetizers of cheddar mac and cheese with lump crab salad, tenderloin wrapped asparagus, and pumpkin pie bisque shooters. YUM.

The happy couple was soon announced and the reception began! Kelsey was such a fun bride! She got right out onto the dance floor and danced the night away right from the start.

DJ Andre Peterson made sure to keep the party rolling and the whole crowd dancing from start to finish.

Guests tore themselves away from the dance floor only to eat. They enjoyed a seated salad of baby spinach with toasted corn and roasted pumpkin seeds, and enjoyed a slider and taco station as an entrée. We’d like to thank Gotta Have It catering for the fabulous fare!

Family members gave heartfelt toasts to the happy couple, but arguably the coolest feature of the evening was the Champagne Saber performed by the groom himself. For those of you who haven’t heard of/seen this, it’s basically where you chop the top off of a champagne bottle with a sword! Ok, just a big knife. But it was super cool and the crowd went wild! 35107807-a54b-49a3-9901-98f21ffd6404

As the evening came to a close, Kelsey and David cut their wedding cake, and she smashed it in his face! Photographer RAG Artistry caught this and tons of other memorable moments throughout the evening.


Guests departed with INCREDIBLE doughnuts by Da Vinci Donuts, and the happy couple made their blissful exit under a shower of sparklers. db234af2-4d67-400a-a095-7feb586d29ee

Congrats from all of us here at BC! We wish you all the best in your happily ever after.            






“On October 3rd, Bluming Creativity performed a miracle. The weather was not cooperating for our outside wedding at one of the most beautiful venues in Atlanta. The most important part of the ceremony for the groom was to see the Bride walk down the aisle. Bluming Creativity was able to rearrange the reception space to be the perfect ceremony space with an aisle for the groom to see his bride for the first time and for her to walk down with her daddy. Once the ceremony was over Bluming Creativity flipped the entire space back in a timely manner and the wedding celebration continued. Everything ran very smoothly due to the great Bluming Creativity Team. We could not have had a better team to make this night the special night the bride and groom wanted.”

-Mother of the groom