Aviva and Ezra’s wedding weekend kicked off with a rehearsal dinner at Blue Mark Studios. Good Food Truck and King of Pops provided delicious food, and the evening was filled with laid back fun, including lawn games like cornhole and bocce ball.

Berman rehearsal

The couple’s wedding was held on a rainy Spring day at Summerour Studios in Midtown. Though the weather was gloomy, this event was anything but! The couple’s guests were all PUMPED to celebrate this special day, and we joked throughout the evening that the individuals in this crowd were clearly professional wedding guests!


The evening began with the Kabbalat Panim, and was so fun to watch! The bride recited a few traditional excerpts, the groom and his buddies sang during the Tisch, while doing a great job of polishing off a few bottles of scotch. The whole crowd was invited to participate in the fun! The couple then said their vows and sealed the deal in front of all of their family and friends.


Juli Vaughn Designs did a fabulous job creating the rustic, no fuss décor for the laidback couple. With simple yet elegant touches, the venue was transformed from an industrial space to a soft, garden-y retreat, with the rain falling softly outside. Berman_Billinkoff_once_like_a_spark_photography_001C9A1709_lowBerman_Billinkoff_once_like_a_spark_photography_054HK9A9703_low




Bold American Catering provided the delicious buffet, boasting items like salmon, fresh salad and an empanada station.


Once this rowdy crowd had eaten, it was time to resume the party!


 DJ Lethal Rhythms provided the tunes for the evening as well as the videography. The music was awesome. Not your traditional wedding music, this crowd got down to great 80’s and 90’s tunes throughout the evening.


Perhaps the most memorable part of this event was the surprise schtick, performed by the wedding guests – friends, family and the bridal party. Aviva and Ezra were seated in the center of the dance floor, while their friends put on a joyful display of all different aspects of their life (New York, Canada, college, youth group and more were all dressed up to represent), to the crowd’s delight.


Once Like a Spark Photography was onsite to capture all of the priceless moments of this wedding; we especially love the above shot of the wedding party in action!


This was one of the most entertaining weddings we have ever had the pleasure of attending, and we couldn’t be happier for the new married couple!