Happy 2015 readers! We are thrilled to announce that with this new year comes a ton of great new content for the blog!

Since New Year’s Eve parties are over, and you’ve likely put away all of your holiday decor, you probably aren’t thinking of parties or events this time of year. You’re even probably thinking of throwing away all of that extra chocolate, getting organized, and starting the year fresh. Well, I’ve got a great first (and fresh!) post of 2015 for you; perfect for that “let’s start a new beginning” feeling we likely all have right about now.
My husband and I met some friends on New Year’s Day to go for a hike in Sweetwater Creek State Park in Lithia Springs. It was a beautiful, crisp day, and the park was filled with people; probably getting a kick start on those “let’s get in shape” and “let’s spend more time outdoors” resolutions.
We took about a 3.5 mile hike along a beautiful river and when we returned to the visitors center, we noticed a family excitedly huddled together peering down one of the hiking trails. They asked us which trail the “blue” one was and explained that they were waiting for their son and his girlfriend to come back from a hike.
Since they seemed so excited, we waited around to see what the big surprise might be, and as some of you may have guessed, the son proposed to his now fiancé, who of course said YES!
It was so wonderful to see the family jump out to surprise the happy couple. What a great way to start fresh for 2015!

What do you plan to do to make 2015 the best year yet?!