Well footballs fans, it is at once the greatest and saddest day of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. Why? For the awesome game (and commercials) of course….aaaaaand because it is the last game of football you will see until August.

Either way you look at it, Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to throw a party, and we’ve got some quick party tips to ensure your bash is a big win.

  • Let’s talk about food.

The good news is, Super Bowl party food is pretty simple; lots of chips, dips, burgers and hot dogs, but don’t be afraid to throw in a few easy signature dishes. We saw this great recipe in Food Network Magazine for Chex Mix Rice Krispy Treats. Simply melt 4 tbsp. of butter in a saucepan and mix in a 10 oz. bag of marshmallows over medium heat until combined. Remove from heat and mix in 6 cups of Chex Mix, press into a baking pan and let set until cooled. Voila!

  • Drink it in.

Whether your guests are big drinkers or not, it’s always good to have a few drink options on hand. Whether it be sodas, waters, or beer, make sure there’s a little something for everyone. And a signature cocktail is fun here too. Try making a big batch of Sangria as a refreshing treat.

  • Seat check.

There’s nothing worse than a party (that centers around a television set) without adequate seating. If you don’t have enough chairs, get creative and throw pillows, cushions and beanbags on the floor so that everyone has a place to catch all of the football action.

  • Kid’s Corner.

Any parent will tell you that if their kid is bored, they will most likely cause some kind of mischief. If you anticipate kids at your party, don’t sweat it. Create a kid’s Corner with games, puzzles, etc to keep them occupied while the adults enjoy some “me” time. If you don’t have kids yourself, consider grabbing some coloring books and crayons from the $1 store. Hours of entertainment.

  • Thanks for coming.

Once the play clock runs out, and everyone is gathering up to leave, you begin to wonder what to do with all of that leftover food. A great solution (we do this for our clients at all of our events) is to grab cheap plastic to-go containers. This way, everyone can take home a bit of the party and you aren’t stuck trying to resist eating all of the leftover queso for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday morning.

No matter what you choose to do, enjoy your time with friends and family, and may the best team win!