If you live anywhere in America (besides those who are lucky enough to reside in Florida), you may have noticed that it’s a bit…..nay, a LOT, cold outside. If you have an upcoming event that you didn’t anticipate cold weather for, fear not. Here are a few tips to consider to keep your guests warm and toasty.

Consider outdoor heaters. Even if your event is indoors, guests may need to step outside to make a phone call, or wait for the valet to pull their car up. Outdoor heaters put off tons of warmth and, on especially chilly nights, make a huge difference in keeping folks comfortable.

If you plan to take outdoor photos, consider bringing an oversized coat to slip in and out of between shots. Make sure to bring gloves or mittens, and rather than a hat (you wouldn’t want to mess up your hair, ladies) consider earmuffs to fight the frigid air.

Make sure your venue has a coat check option and ample staff to accommodate the number of guests who will be utilizing the service. If your venue doesn’t offer a coat check option, let us know, we can make it happen.

Consider a hot or warm signature cocktail. Guests love a signature cocktail, as it adds a different and memorable touch to your special event. Offering a fun, hot cocktail not only allows people to warm up, but to try something a bit off the beaten path. Click here for a great recipe.

Think about favors. Wouldn’t it be cute to offer hot chocolates and s’mores as the guests departed? What about a fire pit at the exit so that guests could make their sweet, gooey treats on the way out?
Or, if you’d prefer to not hand out hot liquid, and give people access to an open flame, think about scarves or shawls with your event date, logo, or whatever personalization suits your style. Both of these options allow guests to stay warm and toasty during these last (we hope!) few weeks of winter.

We hope you’ve found these toasty tips helpful. Stay warm out there!