Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we know that sometimes flowers and dinner out just don’t seem like enough for the cook, laundry do-er (yes, that’s a word), chauffeur, schedule-maker, superwoman you call mom.

We perused the internet for some different Mother’s Day gifts that she will actually use and found some pretty cool stuff.


O.M.G. It’s a water bottle/money/key holder. How great is this for the active, on-the-go mom? Now she can go to the park with just the essentials and not pack an entire suitcase worth of stuff! Genius. Click here for this awesome gadget.


And how about THIS?! How many times have you seen mom pouring a chunky hot mess of soup into a tupperware, only to find her leaping back as the contents spill out of the side of the pot? Problem. Solved. Click here to check it out.


While we’re on the subject of hot liquids in the kitchen, check out this pot/strainer in one! Now all she has to do is boil pasta and/or veggies and pour the water out of the SAME pot. This is clutch, people. Trust us. Click here.


As much as moms love ways to make their lives easier, they’re also suckers for a sweet, heartfelt gift like this adorable Mason Jar of Love. Simply write down things you love about her, things you’re thankful for, and memories you’ve shared. More than any gadget in the world, this is the stuff that mom dreams are made of.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. We hope your days are filled with love, relaxation and chocolate. 😉