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Shayna’s Special Day: A Quick Interview

Happy Friday Friends!

If you regularly follow the blog here at BC, you’ll remember that we recently interviewed our Mitzvah client turned BC employee, Sam.

We decided to ask another former client about her Bat Mitzvah experience as well. Shayna Edelman sat down with us for a quick chat about her unforgettable night earlier this year.

Q: When was your Bat Mitzvah?

A: January 25th, 2019.

Q: Where did you have it?

A: The Stave Room. They set it up amazingly and included everything I wanted!

Q: Did you have a theme?

A: Not really. I just had a pretty color scheme of blue and pink.

Q: What was your favorite food of the night? Did you have a signature drink?

A: I had chicken and waffles, which I LOOOOOOOVED, and I ate from the pasta bar. My signature drink was sprite with cotton candy.

Q: Best moment of the night?

A: Dancing with all of my friends and family and seeing my beautiful venue. We also had this bubble wrap on the dance floor that we all got to dance on and it was all so incredible!

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: All of my centerpieces were amazing too! I just loved everything!




A Kid’s Perspective…

Ever wonder what the Mitzvah client remembers from his/her special day? We sat down with Sam, whose Mitzvah we planned 4 years ago, to learn about his most memorable moments.

Q: What was the date of your Bar Mitzvah?

A: May 2, 2015

Q: What was your favorite thing about your venue?

A: Hudson Grille.  I am a huge sports fan so it was very cool to be able to have my venue in a sports bar surrounded by the things and people I love.

Q: Did you have a theme?

A: Yes, sports. I am a huge Jets fan!

Q: What was your favorite food item of the evening?

A:If I am being honest, I am sure Tara had all of my favorite foods there, but I partied so hard, I didn’t have time to eat!

Q: Best moment of the night?

A: Probably the montage. My uncle worked really hard on it and it was Super Bowl themed and it was super cool to see 13 years of my life in one video.

Q: What’s the coolest or most interesting thing about now knowing what goes on behind the scenes at an event?

A: Definitely how much work and preparation goes into making everything run as smoothly as possible in order to ensure that the client has the best possible night and not be worried about something going wrong.


Sam is a former client turned BC employee. He is hard working, professional and sweet. We love having him on the team. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Sam!


4 Questions About Those 3 Little Words…

A wedding is the most important day of a couple’s life, and as planners, we have seen plenty of beautiful, fairy tale days. Three of us here at BC were asked four questions about weddings, and below are our answers. Can you guess who said what? Your choices are Tara, Stefanie or Erin. Good luck!

Q: What is your favorite type of venue?

  • A: A venue that is a blank canvas with a touch of it’s own personality, so we can create ANY vision our bride has.
  • B: I’m a sucker for an outdoor wedding. As long as there is a good weather backup inside!
  • C: Wherever the bride feels most at home, usually they know it immediately when they walk in as they can feel it.

Q: What is your favorite moment of the night?

  • A: When the groom sees the bride coming down the aisle.
  • B: Easy- the moment the groom sees his bride. The look on his face is PRICELESS!
  • C: The Hora. They tend to last a really long time at weddings, and everyone gets super into it. It’s so fun to watch!

Q: What would you consider to be the most challenging moment of the evening?

  • A: Every wedding/event is different, so the challenges are not always the same.  I will say that curve balls definitely keep us on our toes, but fixing them is the best part.  Knowing that we are able to always “make it happen” and give the bride everything she dreamed off, makes being a planner worth every challenge thrown our way.
  • B: Making it all come together before we send the bride down the aisle. After that, it’s usually smooth sailing!
  • C: Making all the moving pieces come together at just the right time.

Q: Weddings can be stressful, how can you help the bride relax??

  • A:  It’s important just to be supportive and remind her why she is there in the first place: to marry the man she loves!
  • B: I hope that through the planning process we give our brides a sense of confidence in us; allowing them to be able to enjoy their day.
  • C: Our goal is to build a strong relationship with our brides, so they trust we have everything under control and they can just enjoy their day.  We as planners are there, so the brides don’t have to stress.

Event Planning 101: An Interview with Tara

Q: What made you decide you wanted to be a planner?

A: I love the logistics of it all. It’s so fun to see all of the pieces come together to create the client’s vision!

Q: How did you come up with the name for your business?

A: Well, since my last name is Kornblum, I wanted to do a spin on that to make it my own. I also wanted to make sure I didn’t make the name too specific, I wanted to be able to do anything creative.

Q: What types of events does BC do?

A: We do Mitzvahs, wedding, corporate events, and not for profit events as our way of giving back to our community.

Q: What do you like/love most about your job?

A:  I love the behind the scenes logistics, and making the event go off without a hitch. We have definitely run out to get a challah for the Hamotzi a time or two, and once went to 3 different Men’s Warehouse locations to get 10 groomsmen matching ties!

Q: What is the most challenging part of planning?

A: Making the client’s vision come to life! Sometimes, it’s hard to visualize what a client wants, but with the help of our amazing decor vendors, we have had plenty of smiling faces and happy tears when they see what we’ve put together.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share?

A: The best part of my job is seeing the looks on the client’s face when they see their event space. I love being able to make people come together, enjoy a special milestone in their lives, and to throw a party that they won’t soon forget!

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